Turner Creative Ltd

how we work

1. Once we have received your enquiry, we give you a call to discuss the project, and what you want to achieve with your architectural CGIs.


2. We’ll then provide you with a competitive quote and a timescale, to meet your discussed deadline.


3. Using the plans and elevations you have provided, we produce a colour visualisation, which we then submit to you for comments and approval.


4. Any amendments are implemented and a revised visual is then submitted to you again. We will repeat this process until you are 100% happy with your image.


5. We produce a full size high-resolution rendering of the approved CGI, and will then upload the image to you in various sizes and formats. Our images are a suitable size for everything from web to billboard.


If you need a quote the best thing to do is give Danny or Jenny a call on 01379 741483 and discuss your project. That way we can get a feel for your requirements and establish what you want to achieve with your image(s). We will give you prices, possible options and a time scale.

01508 481799